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Mallory Park Road Race League, 17th August 2021

Welland Valley CC Whizz Kids faced wet and windy  conditions for the latest round of  Mallory Park Road Race League on Tuesday this week (17 August).

Under 8’s race was where the action was for the Whizz Kids this week, with Charlie Hardwicke racing to second place, and brother Daniel Hardwicke 4th.

George Bailey had an eventful evening with a crash that left him bruised and scuffed. George’s mum Liz explains:

“George took a spill on the first downhill bend while in flat out mode and his fall was immediately alerted by the marshalls. By the time I got to him he was already in the great hands of the track side paramedic who was patching up the grazes to his knees and elbows. Once again his cycle helmet, gloves and sports glasses proved their worth by showing signs of contact with the tarmac and leaving his head and hands injury free. He’s back to his usual self today and we’re hoping he’s back to racing as soon as he feels he’s ready. Huge thanks to all the team at Mallory for the swift action, assessment and reassurance.”

Wishing George a speedy recovery (and its good to know the bike is OK George!).

Well done all, and big thanks once again to the organisers and volunteers.  

Full results available here


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