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The third Team Race Night at Bruntingthorpe saw around 60 riders take to the track in near-perfect conditions.

The third Team Race Night at Bruntingthorpe saw around 60 riders take to the track in near-perfect conditions.

There were a number of notable performances on the night – particularly from some of the junior riders.

In Race 1, which was significantly affected by a number of late withdrawals and DNFs, the Purple I team of Austin Smith (capt), Hans van Nierop, Ashley Easton, Ed Grandidge, David Styring, Kian Traynor and Dom Switzer took the honours with a massive 219pts, followed by Josh van Nierop’s Yellow I team on 131pts (despite one non-starter and two DNFs), and James Moore’s Red I team on 126pts (with two non-starters and a DNF).

Sprint lap winners (and second place riders) were:  Dom Switzer (Josh van Nierop), Ashley Easton (Jonny Unwin), Hans van Nierop (Ed Grandidge). 

First past the chequered flag after 60 minutes of racing was Ed Grandidge – his third consecutive victory. He was followed home by Josh van Nierop and Hans van Nierop.

Another highly-competitive Race 2 was won narrowly by the Green I team of Simon Ward (capt), Nick Clarke, Eleanor Humphries, Andy Deeks, Patrick Stone, Mike Deely and Sean Bown on 183pts; followed by the Red II team of Rhys Thomas on 178pts, the Blue I team of Huw Wilson on 161pts and the Orange I team of Adrian Killworth on 143pts.

The ever-improving Huw Wilson (he of the suicidal break on the first team race night) got his reward for an attacking mindset with overall victory, with Patrick Stone in second and Rhys Thomas third.

Huw’s fellow junior riders Jamie Kershaw (stepping up from Race 3) and Harrison Fay acquitted themselves well in thick of the action. 

Sprint lap winners (and seconds) were: Patrick Stone (Kev Willett), David Reay (Robert Campbell) and Andy Deeks (Ian Waterfield).

Race 3 was a one-sided affair, with Ben Brant’s Yellow II team of Ben, Charlie Simpson, Milly Pinnock, Denis Smith and Gary Ashwell racking up 218pts v 112pts for understrength Blue II team led by David Bowrey.

In addition to leading his team to victory, Ben also claimed the race win – followed home by Gary Ashwell and Charlie Simpson.

Sprint lap winners (and seconds) were: Charlie Simpson (Andy Smith), Ben Brant (David Bowrey) and Gary Ashwell (Milly Pinnock). 

Finally, riders are reminded that they MUST NOT RIDE IN OTHER RACE GROUPS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They should either overtake, ride alongside but in a clearly separate group (it’s a wide enough track after all) or stay behind.

Thanks once again to the commissaires Andrew Weatherby and Rowland Summerlin; all the volunteers who made the evening happen; and our partners Cox Automotive for use of their facilities.

Back in two weeks’ time for the final thrash.


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