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Third team race night at Bruntingthorpe tomorrow.

More than 60 riders will take to the start line tomorrow for the third Team Race Night at Bruntingthorpe. Teams will remain largely the same as in previous weeks (although a few riders have swapped in and out). Once again we’re ringing the changes with the Road Captains. And to give you a chance to work out your team’s race-winning tactics in advance, captains are: Race 1 – Josh van Nierop, Austin Smith, Rob Moore; Race 2 – Adrian Killworth, Simon Ward, Huw Wilson, Rhys Thomas; Race 3 – Ben Brant, David Bowrey. A reminder that registration opens at 6pm. Riders must pin on two numbers on jersey back pockets; wear their team’s coloured sash over the shoulder and stick number 1, 2 or 3 on their helmet depending on their race. In addition, riders are reminded there is a COMPULSORY RIDER BRIEFING on the start line at 6.45pm – followed by an orientation lap. Race distances are: Race 3 – 50 minutes + 1 lap, Race 2 – 55 minutes + 1 lap, Race 1 – 60 minutes + 1 lap. Finally, no photography please.  



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