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Viva Skegvegas!

We’ve had a lovely tale of a trip to Skegness and back from Milly Pinnock and Stuart Haycox.

“As dawn broke on Saturday morning, clad in our WVCC yellow army finest, we set off on our 200 mile round trip to Skegness to chase the sun!

The sunrise was glorious and even though much of the rest of the country had to evade the showers all day, not a drop fell on us; probably due to the amount of rain gear we had stowed in our back pockets! The day was bright and warm and the flatlands allowed us to make good progress, so that we were at the clock tower in Skegness in just under 6 hours, and too early to order food!

Lunch was moved to a chippy in Spilsby (a lovely place, comes highly rated and complete with excellent toilets too).

The ferocious winds of the Fens made for some challeging riding on the way back, but fuelled mostly by chips, sandwiches, chocolate milk and orange juice (although not specfically in that order) we made it back a good hour ahead of schedule, tired, triumphant, and possibly a little bit delirious…apologies to anyone who heard our singing! A truly epic adventure!”


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