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Details for tomorrow’s Bruntingthorpe circuit races

It’s almost time to go racing at Bruntingthorpe; so a few details on what’s what.


Riders should arrive from 6pm onwards (but NO EARLIER).  Registration is open from 6.05-6.40pm.

You will have been allocated a race and a team (with a top-drawer tactically astute team leader).

You will be given two race numbers (to be pinned on each back pocket) and a team colour ribbon which you must pin on the back of your jersey at collar height. This is to help you identify your team mates.  You will also be given a sticker to denote which race you are in. This should be stuck on the front of your helmet.

Riders must attend a rider briefing at starting at 6.45pm

There will be three races running concurrently at different speeds.  Each race will be c55 minutes plus one lap.

This is a team event and the winners will be the team in each race with the most points. Points are awarded from first to last in every race and there will be additional points for winning a sprint lap.

There will be three sprint laps which will be signalled by the ringing of a bell.   No single rider in a team may win more than one sprint lap.  There will also be a last lap bell.

Finally, riders are reminded they must not latch on to any riders from a separate race.

Please contact Chris Dainty with any queries.


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