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Thanks to Adam Robinson for this great report featuring several WVCC riders in Ratae RC weekend TT.

On Saturday 19th June Ratae Road Club hosted the 3rd Time Trial, held at the Gilmorton circuit, in a series of 6 going ahead this summer.

It’s an old school turn up, pay a fiver, and enter the competition. Everything was very well organised as you would expect from one of Leicestershire’s well established Cycling Clubs.

The atmosphere was good and there was anticipation in the air as the testers set up their rigs at Walton Village Hall with Road Bikes, TT Bikes and Trikes all competing on the day.

Welland Valley Cycling Club were well represented with myself, Matt Plews, Simon Askham, Gary Ashwell, Alex Smith, Simon Ward, Victor Barnett, Debbie Ward and Sophie Ward all riding in a list of starters numbering 36.

As the starter waved us away we rode a dry course with no hint of rain and the wind was kind.

All the Welland Valley riders did themselves proud and a great time was had by all.

For the results please click here or visit :


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