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Jen Clegg reports on a (national) record breaking ride in Cambridgeshire.  

I had recently survived my first dual carriageway 25TT on the A46. Simon Ward had quelled my newbie nerves there by explaining the road surface around Newark makes your bike roll at incredible speeds with the merest pedal push – and he was right!

Observing that our esteemed chairman often heads to east Anglia for weekend TTs, I realised the courses are flatter there and started searching on B courses. A newish 15m at Cambourne, west of Cambridge, promised a flat ride & PBs. It was originally scheduled for Easter Monday but rained off to the final May Bank holiday Sunday, providing much more auspicious weather. This dual carriageway course has a few rolls but no real hills, and encouraging punctuation points like a water-tower. Its main hazard is that the whole road turns on a large RAB that marks a previous gibbet. Locals said just expect to get held up there, but I was lucky. My 36:59 (which is, of course, vastly superior to 37) took the national record for a 67 year old woman by just over a minute. That one had stood since 2016 so mine might still be standing in October, long enough to make it into the VTTA Handbook.

Below is a link for info on the Cambourne course describing CCC’s next open event there, a 25mTT on 12/9. Very easy to get to just off the end of the A14 now the Huntingdon bypass is finished, & on our side of Cambridge. Well organised and very well marshalled with reminder signs on the dual carriageway as well as slip roads leading to it.

Jen is racing this season for Team Bottrill, and is a longstanding (and currently second claim)  WVCC member.

Well done Jen!

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