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TT Report: Melton Olympic CC Open 25 mile TT

Phil Rayner describes racing the Melton Olympic CC Open 25 mile TT (Incorporating the VTTA Nottingham and East Midlands Group Jack Watts Memorial Trophy)

On Saturday, I went to Newark to compete in the above 25mls tt.
I wanted to update my fastest time from last 3 years ( previously a 58.57 on the Kibworth to Corby roller coaster course.
The A46 at Newark is a completely different effort. I arrived early and went for a 10 mile warm up, just riding steady, spinning on the small chain ring.
My legs felt terrible, which for me, is a good sign before a race.
I lined up to start, noticing how warm it felt.. As I started, clipping in first time, my legs felt completely different to the warm up, like I had just flicked a switch on.
The first mile was quite technical with an uphill start followed by a fast downhill to a sharp left turn at a roundabout. Then it was a quick sprint up the bridge to join the main course, 23 miles of fast dual carriageway.
The leg out to the turn was a headwind, so I was pleased to see a 27mph average as I turned for the longer leg home. The big gears gradually wore me down as I pushed to get my average speed up and up.
28.5mph average as I left the main road at Newark, but my legs had completely gone, and I still had 2 miles of a rough surfaced headwind to the finish.
I hung on but my average was plummeting every few hundred yards.
I was determined to keep the 28 mph on my screen, and managed it by the skin of my teeth, completely spent after 53 minutes and 25 seconds of turture.
Pleasingly it was my fastest time for over 10 years.
Will I do it again?… Probably!

  • Phil Rayner 53:25
  • Andy Poulton 1:00:27
  • Linda Hubbard 1:02:58, second fastest female
  • Jon Durnin DNF

Well done Phil, Linda and Andy!

Click to access MOCC%202521%20Results.pdf


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