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Michael Burke and Jordan Peacock take part in The Monster Cross Team Event.

Full Race Report from Michael.

Today Welland Valley CC (Michael Burke) teamed up with Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor RT (Jordan Peacock) for the Monster Cross Team Event at Catton Park.

At the start of the week, we were talking about which file treads tyre we would use but yesterday’s weather put anything like that at the window and today halfway through the race I even had to swap my Michelin power muds for my deepest profile tyre for my second and third stint! 

In the early laps we were not able to travel as fast as we would have liked as Jordan suffered mechanicals due to the conditions on his first two laps and I unfortunately crashed in the slippery conditions on my first lap which left us running in 3rd place halfway into the race.

As we got towards the end however we were able to remain much more consistent and pulled it back in the penultimate lap and keep the lead on the last lap until the end. 

The course was ever changing throughout the race. With no rain today the mud became sticky and apart from need to pit and swap every lap to clean the bikes, a number hardpack lines became available in the middle of slippery surfaces meaning you really had to look where you were riding at all times! Plenty of sections needing dismounts and running as well! Not an easy race at all so very happy with the performance, finishing 1st place in the Team Event and 7th in the Overall Standings. A great day out!!

Team Event Results:

1st Team Peacock/Burke

2nd Team Hale/Marriot

3rd Team Woodward/Chilton

Overall Top 10:

1st Toby Barnes

2nd Ali Slater

3rd Daniel Barnes

4th Nick Craig

5th Seb Harrod

6th Phil Glaze

7th Team Peacock/Burke

8th Nick Popham

9th Andrew Lindley

10th Team Hal/Marriot


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