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Welland Valley Cycling Club 2021 Events Calendar

We are delighted to announce the proposed calendar of events for Welland Valley Cycling Club in 2021, which can be accessed here, and also on the events page.

Clearly, this list of events is conditional on the progress of Government regulations and advice on the pandemic and on the interpretation of that advice by the national cycling bodies under whose rules we run our events.

Due to the unusual nature of this year, we will not be producing a printed version of the calendar – although we hope to revert to doing that from 2022.  Links to the other information which can usually be found in that printed version can be found here: 

Details of the arrangements to book your required Volunteering slots are set out below.

There are a few highlights to point out:

Adventure Rides

Reflecting growing interest from Club members and more generally, we will run a couple of longer ‘adventure rides’, a 100km event on gravel and a 100-mile road event.

2021 Time Trial Championship

The necessary reduction in the number of time trials run means there will not be an Evening 10-mile Championship this year.  Instead, all of the Club’s time trials (excluding the Boxing Day 10) will count towards the 2021 TT Championship.  That is 17 events overall, with a rider’s best nine rides counting for the Championship.  The points scoring system will be as before, and all of the associated competitions – for example for Road Bikes and the TT League system – remain unchanged.  Should there need to be any reduction in the number of events run, the number of events which will count for each rider will be half the number of events run, plus one – rounded down.  So, for example, if 16 events are run, nine will count, if 15 events, then eight, etc.

As has already been announced, we are excited to have racing at Bruntingthorpe back on the agenda.  The planned schedule allows for four time trials and four Club-only road races at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, along with Whizz Kids sessions.  The cost and availability of insurance for races of this sort means that they are likely to be run under the rules of a different national cycling organisation than in the past.  We will provide more details on this and what it will mean for members when this is finalised.  It will mean cheaper races for members and far cheaper overheads for the Club.

Whizz Kids and other events
A full programme of Whizz Kids events is planned from April 2021.

The Club plans to host two national-level road races, La Fleche Waltonne and the Duncan Murray Wines Road Races, assuming regulatory advice allows it.

Club Rides and chain gangs will continue as normal.

Details for Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross activities are still being formulated, so these will be added to the online calendar when available.

Volunteering Commitment

As usual, all Senior members are expected to marshal at least one event, with those who regularly compete in competitive events expected to marshal two.  Slots for this can be booked on SignUp Genius here:

We look forward to seeing you at these events and to a great year of cycling with Welland Valley Cycling Club!

Jon Durnin, Chair, on behalf of the Welland Valley Cycling Club Committee


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