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Bike ‘n’ Beer Ride

The off-road ride this week will be from Great Bowden at 8am on Saturday. The planned route below is around 60km and will incorporate gravel, grass and quiet narrow tarmac and will probably take around 3.5 hours .

See link to route (clockwise) –

This will be suitable for all off-road bikes. Make sure you bring food, spare clothing and a rear light as well as the normal puncture protection recommended for off-road riding such as tubeless tyres with sealant or self sealing inner tubes.

We will be strictly observing the rule of 6, so please let us know if you’re coming by Friday morning, so we can arrange additional ride groups as necessary – ideally through our WhatsApp group. Also due to the tier regulations this is only open to Leicestershire based riders. You’ll see that the route does cross into to  both Northamptonshire and Rutland – both tier 2 areas – which is permitted as long as we are self sufficient and don’t stop at shops, cafes, etc.

To be added to our WhatsApp group please message Adrian Killworth or email your mobile number to

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