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Update: Club activities paused for lockdown 2, but you can still ride your bike

We’re back in lockdown, which means no formal Club activities for the duration. However, that’s no excuse for letting the dust settle on your bike (so check out  our lockdown ride initiatives  below)

Under lockdown, we are permitted to ride alone, with those in your household/support bubble, or with one person from another household. If you are riding with a person from another household, you must only ever ride as a pair. For example, two riders from the same household cannot ride in a group of three with a person from another household, unless all are part of the same support bubble.

Full details are available at:

Firstly, let’s make sure we look after each other. Reach out to club mates, and post your rides. If you have something to share with members and friends, drop us a line (

Secondly, there are a few things we can do….. For the next four weeks, the club is restarting its regular Zwift rides and is introducing a new Blind Date / buddy ride for those members who need a ride buddy on a Sunday morning.

Regular Tuesday night Zwift rides will begin again from Tuesday 10th November, starting at 8pm for 45 minutes, and invitations have gone out to those how participated in these rides during the first lockdown. If you have not received an invitation, drop Jon Durnin a line (

For anyone who fancies a Sunday morning spin with another club member, we’ll be organising a sort of Blind Date / Buddy Ride mash-up.  To take part you’ll need to email by 3pm on Saturday. Chris will pair you with a rider of similar speed and will email you by 6pm on Saturday with an exact time and location to meet on The Square (e.g. near Tesco or outside New Look) on Sunday morning (it will be a time between 9.15 and 9.45am). You must arrive bang on time; meet your ride partner; and depart immediately, following the BC guidance.

Please note that any rides done in pairs in this manner will not be official WVCC events.  Our intention is simply to help members who wish to ride with another person, in line with Government guidelines, but do not have a regular riding partner.

The route and ride duration will be up to the two of you to sort out. Please note, if you sign up to ride, there’s no dropping out! These rides are only open to over 18s.

Take care everybody, and if you are riding, please do ride safely and responsibly.

Jon Durnin on behalf of the WVCC Committee



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