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Whizz Kids on Saturday

I should know better. To start a session with the words “at least it’s dryer than last Saturday” is just asking for trouble and so it proved this afternoon for our latest Whizz Kids session. Some of the session was held in a lovely sunny mid autumn afternoon* and the assembled Whizz Kids concentrated on bike handling skills today. With the grass soft we worked mainly on the gravel parkrun path with zones on slalom, line riding and other elements to build the skills. To be fair all the Whizz Kids worked well on the zones and improved across the afternoon. At the end of the session we linked the pieces together as a single ride.
Thanks today to the dream team of Ben, Ian, Jade & Simon for guiding our riders around the park and coaching as the went. Thanks to the parents who watched from a respectful distance and provided encouragement when it was due.
A couple of things to finish on. For all of those of you who picked up some of the acorns at Acorner just find a small flowerpot and compost, just cover the acorn and keep it outside, hopefully in about 50 years it’ll be a decent size in your garden.
Some of the session was held in a lovely sunny mid autumn afternoon, the rest was in a deluge and we all got very wet. Quote of the day was “my bike seat is wet”, I’m thinking – that’s not going to matter.
Hopefully you’re all dry now. We’ll see you again in a couple of weeks. Details will be posted nearer the time.
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