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Volunteers needed for remaining 2020 Time Trials

Following the cancellation of the formal 2020 season, the original 2020 volunteers rota has been withdrawn.  

The Club is now looking for members to volunteer to support the time trials run under social distancing guidelines and the CTT Covid-19 RA.  Please look at the remaining events, and sign up to support these events if you can.  

Marshalling these events will be a little different:

  • You will be briefed by the event organiser in the days prior to the event
  • Please go directly to your designated post. Do not go to the meeting point
  • Signs will already be in place. Sanitised flag and high visibility jacket be left for your use
  • You must arrive at your post 20 mins before the start of the race
  • The race organiser will contact you to ensure you are in position
  • Once the last rider has passed leave your flag and high vis in position. The course setter will collect these along with the signs
  • Please do not go to the meet point following the race

To sign up, please follow the link below.

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