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The Catch!

Here is some good advice from Vic Barnett!
For those of us who are missing a bit of competition here’s a little tip you might like to try.

With lots new bikes now out and about on the roads it is inevitable a budding Chris Froome or Gee is going to pass you eyeballs out head down pushing a massive gear (and not saying a word).

The trick is to let them think you are riding along with out a care in the world, let them get ahead by a couple of hundred meters ( they will check back to make sure you are not chasing after they have gone into the red.)

Now this is where you start to make your effort, you might have to chase for a mile or two but it will be well worth it. Just before making contact ease back slightly, ready for the THE CATCH, ride by with a cheery wave and say hello.

Wait for the reaction I can guarantee they will immediately speed up and try and come past you. But for you it’s job done!

This tip probably works best if you are on a mountain bike wearing bagey shorts and an old cycling top after all you do not want to look to much like a pro; mind you it still worked for me and I was wearing my Rainbow jersey!

Thanks Vic 😉


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