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Whizz Kids at Welland Park and a special presentation.

Whizz Kids came home to Welland Park this afternoon for the first skills session of the year and because the grass was sticky, damp and boggy we used the various tarmac footpaths around the rose garden as our course. With nineteen Whizz Kids turning out this afternoon we could have split the groups but instead we worked as a single unit on a set of core skills involving observation, cornering and braking. Riding a short loop our riders had the new ride the line boards, old style cones and the odd limbo pole thrown in for a bit of fun.
Massive thanks today for making the event run were Dean, Ian Simon, Jade and Mia.
To finish the afternoon we had a presentation of two awards form last years racing league held over form the December presentation. Well done to Jack and Nate, you both look in good form for the coming season. Finally there was a really pleasing presentation to Ian who has supported Whizz Kids for many years. In recognition the club has awarded Ian a life membership of Welland Valley CC presented by club chairman Jon Durnin. Congratulations Ian!

Next Session: February 8th 2:00pm at Welland Park where we’ll be working on some more super skillage. See you next time.IMG_1589

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