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A “No Pressure” Whizz Kids ride

Today didn’t get off to the best of starts for me, A puncture on the MTB was bad enough but closer inspection revealed that the sidewall had also broken up so I had to use the cross bike and after a quick check we were just about roadworthy. That won’t be the last puncture as we’ll see later – and a memo to check the bikes well before 10:30 on ride day
We had a great turnout this afternoon for the first Whizz Kids ride of the year which was the Brampton Valley Way ride from Market Harborough. We were joined at the start by the senior off-roaders who were also heading south on the Brampton and to be honest that was the last we saw of them. The best part of twenty Whizz Kids and family members rolled out together and one safely across Little Bowden level crossing we spread out, regrouping at the tunnels. Turning at the summit seat past Kelmarsh tunnel we enjoyed a downhill wind assisted return.
The ride did have a couple of tyre related issues. My cross tyre hastily change this morning wasn’t on the rim properly and bubbled a bit, minor adjustment needed. Chairman Jon suffered a puncture on the return but ably completed the replacement and was escorted home by Nate and George as part of a six rider “autobus”
Thanks today to Ian, Jade, Mia and Simon for escorting the riders. Simon had the worst fortune by getting a puncture after just 22.3m and was forced to abandon.
Thanks to the parents too, I think everyone had a decent afternoon and apologies for the amount of Persil that might be needed to clean some fairly muddy kit.
Next Session:
25th January – Welland Park for a Skills session on the tarmac with a couple of new activities too. We hope to see you there!



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