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A Spaceman came travelling!

A spaceman came traveling on a bike from not too far,
T’was just after 10 that his mission did start.
And in the centre of ‘Killa’worth he halted his craft,
And shivered and shook like a Time Trialing star.

One of 18 red lights he raced on ahead,
thinking “why on earth didn’t I stay home in bed?”
Then the time keeper spoke, he said “do not fear” you all need to pedal and find the right gear.
And I bring a message for marshal’s to hear, without your good nature we wouldn’t be here.
And suddenly an outbound headwind filled the air.

And it went Smith, Plews, Durnin la la la la la la la la. Etc

And Linda returned, she said “I did try” but with a dodgy rear wheel I just couldn’t fly!
When less than 2000 years of your time has gone by, you shall be blessed with a steaming mince pie!

And it went La, la la la etc


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