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The pre-Christmas alternative to shopping ride.

Well, that was a pleasant way to spend as Saturday afternoon and a real alternative to shopping and the preparations for the big fella (hopefully) dropping by next week! After a late morning recce the route chosen was a ride up from Welland Park onto the canal and then heading generally towards Foxton. Despite the recent rain the towpath was only really wet for the first 400m and then was slightly drier, although that is somewhat relative. With a clear run along the towpath and only a handful of other walkers en route we enjoyed a 10½ mile out and back ride almost to Foxton. Yes, we got a bit muddy and my feet were wet and cold but I’ll take this over battling the crowds. Thanks today to Simon for making sure no-one got too far ahead or behind and thanks to Andrew for pace setting and making me realise that I need to work on my fitness a bit. As we rolled back into the park at the end of the ride there was a sprint finish, I think Glen just grabbed second place while I finished with the bunch.
Next Session: Saturday 11th January and this will be another family ride, this time we’ll be heading south on the Brampton Valley Way, details to follow.
I hope you’ve all been good throughout the year and that Santa is kind to you. From everyone associated with Whizz Kids I hope you all have a Very Happy Christmas and we’ll see you soon!
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