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Busy weekend of riding!

Another busy cycling weekend ahead!

Join Adrian ‘Killa’ Kilworth for Bikes and Beer off-road CX/MTB at The Shoulder of Mutton, Great Bowden 8am. Mostly on gravel and single track roads, will be coming back along the Brampton Valley Way so bring a good light for the tunnels! (Wonder what time the beer is drunk?)

Training ride 9.30 on Saturday at The Green, Sibbertoft on a slightly amended lap to miss out the potholes on the Naesby /Sibbertoft road.

Sunday sees Rob Moore leading the fast club run (18mph+) with Lee James the steadies (14mph+) 9.15 The Square MH.

Good luck to the off-roaders in action taking part in the LCXL at Beaumont Leys in the LFCC round.

Take care on the roads ( and tracks!) and don’t forget to wave! 🖐


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