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Misterton Weather Again!

Well, Misterton weather again for the Whizz Kids this afternoon for our skills session where we focused on observation. The task today was a look and explore the park for 15 random images and a few cones. Riders had 30 minutes to explore and look for the pictures, then had to come back and try to remember what you had seen. As Dean remarked a bit like the end of the Generation Game for those of us old enough to remember this. Just wish I had added a picture of a fondue set or a cuddly toy
Our riders found the images and recalled most. I was really impressed that all riders together recalled seeing Burger King (they didn’t – it wasn’t there!)
Thanks today to Dean, Ian, Simon, Ben, Jade and Mia for guiding the riders around and for clearing down at the end. Special thanks to Mrs Craven for letting us loose on the tracks and trails around her garden.
We got cold and wet, hope you’re all dry and warm now.

See you soon!


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