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Martin and Bunny get bronze in LVRC National Track Championships

Martin Webster and Bunny rode the LVRC National Track Champs at Newport recently. Both came away with a bronze medal from their respective age groups, Bunny in the Match Sprint and Martin in the Points race.
Martin rode a canny race befitting his status as a very experienced Championship winning rider. Knowing that he had picked up only a few points early in the race he pulled out all the stops and earned double points on the last lap to make his way on to the podium (unfortunately his agent has not released a photo). Bunny should also have taken a bronze in his Points race, flying away from the bunch in the last two laps for an almost certain maximum points but due to brain fade he eased up on the back straight, mistaking it for th finish line. Doh.
Bunny is riding The Worlds Masters Track Champs at Manchester, from Sunday to Wednesday, riding Team Pursuit, Scratch Race, Time Trial and Points race, this is his swan song before hanging up/ selling his racing wheels for new adventures.
UCI is showing Champs live on YouTube.


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