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Hans up! Seniors race report from Leicester Airport

Thirty-five riders took to the start line for the final Team Race Night at Leicester Airport.

In dry and warm conditions, the action was fast and furious over 45 minutes plus one lap.First over the line was Hans van Nierop from the Pink Panther team. However, it wasn’t enough to secure overall victory, which went to the Blue Meanies. Captained by Loz Cox, the team of Nick Horder, Simon Dixey, David Reay, Ben Brant and newcomer Harry Khalid scored 131pts.Second spot went to Nik Kershaw’s Red Devils on 116pts; followed by the Green Machine and Purple Power on 114pts, Rainbow Warriors 106pts and the Pink Panthers (who were one rider down) on 103pts.The six individual sprint laps were won by Stewart Holland, Mark Traynor, Linda Hubbard, Matt Vallins, Hans van Nierop and Loz Cox.Highest points scorer over the series was Martin Webster.Race organiser Chris Dainty said:

“Particular mention should be made of the young riders, including Huw Wilson, Luke Jones, Kian Traynor, Harry Khalid, Jamie Kershaw and Ben Brant, who acquitted themselves exceptionally well on the circuit and will no doubt be showing the senior riders a clean pair of wheels in a year or two.”In addition, it was great to see a number of older riders giving racing a go for the first time and, hopefully, coming away with a positive experience,” he said.

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