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WVCC member Jason Williams has been busy competing recently.

Below is a report from Jason sharing news of his recent competitions

” I flew out to Pontevedra in Northern Spain for the 2019 World Multisport championship, as I’d qualified for the Standard distance duathlon, in the 45-49 age group. The race was to held on 26th April and not only is it a great honour to represent Team GB but I was in fairly good form, despite a persistent knee injury, and had hopes for a Podium place. Sadly my injury niggles flared up during the first run and I pulled up in agony and desperation.. But I hadn’t come this far to quit so got myself going again and endured the pain through gritted teeth. Thankfully cycling didn’t hurt my knee so once I got out on the 40k bike course I was able to go all out in a desperate bid to reduce the damage and chase down my competitors..

The final 5k run was extremely uncomfortable and I was fading rapidly but held on to cross the line in 5th place in my age group, equalling my position from last years championship in Denmark.
26th May was the date for the Darley Moor sprint duathlon, which takes place on the racing circuit and is free from cars and other potential interferences. The rain was persistent and I was feeling confident. 5k/18k/2.5k to cover and I lined up for the 5k run a few rows back from the line, to keep myself from going off to fast!
Everything went to plan as I gradually worked through the pack on the first of the two laps and got myself in to 3rd place. With no signs of my recurring knee injury, I kept up the pace and finished the first run in 2nd place. 18k on the flat circuit meant 8 laps on the bike with now heavy rain and standing water. The hairpin turn at the far corner of the triangular circuit was a test of nerve and bravery but led us straight into a headwind so it was a constant battle to keep the speed up. I lost a couple of places to faster riders but held a 23.1mph average and felt good as I exited transition in 5th place and onto the final, 1 lap run.. Quickly passing 4th and with 3rd in sight, although a good 200 metres ahead. I felt really strong and the guy in 3rd was getting closer by the minute.. I caught him and kicked on to finish 3rd overall and 1st in my age group. Had I remembered to register my intent to qualify with the BTF, I would have automatically qualified for the 2020 European championships.. It’s a learning curve! Hahaha.. I get a second chance to qualify in September so fingers crossed”.

Well done Jason!


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