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FNSS Catch-Up

Round 5 hosted by WVCC

WVCC hosted round 5 of the Friday Night Summer Series at Kilworth Springs Golf Course last Friday.

We did our best to make the course interesting, running it in the opposite direction to normal giving a draggy climb from the bottom of the golf course and using the driving range banks to give some sweeping off-camber climbs and descents and we had some good feedback from the riders.

The event was a great success thanks to all the help in organising, course setting, signing on, marshalling, course dismantling and just general support by club members and friends. It was also good to see a fair smattering of yellow amongst the 114 riders that raced.

Many thanks to Kilworth Springs Golf Course for allowing us to use the venue.

Welland Valley riders placed as follows:

  • Senior: Michael Burke 10th, Sam Cross 17th
  • Vet40s: James Moore 2nd, Rob Moore 3rd, Hans van Nierop 5th, Neil Doherty 13th, Nick Horder 22nd, Simon Dixey 25th, Nick Kershaw 30th, Steve Coulam 33rd
  • Youth:  Dom Switzer 1st, James Vernon 3rd, Will Perkins 5th, Kian Traynor 6th, Jamie Kershaw 10th
  • Under 23: Louis Jacobson 1st, Jake Hubbard 3rd   
  • Vet50s:  Jake Jacobson 3rd, Vic Barnett 14th, Kevin Mills 20th,
  • Ladies: Linda Hubbard 3rd, Sarah Vigrow 4th, Nicki Traynor 5th

For full results see the link below:

Round 6 will be hosted by Numplumz at Wadenhoe Church next Friday.

Round 3 & 4 Catch-Up

Round 3 of the FNSS was hosted by Rockingham Forest Wheelers at East Carlton Park

The weather was dry, but overcast making the largely woodland course dark in the early evening. The course tough with some steep strength sapping inclines taking their toll later in the race, with some turns becoming slippery as the dry grass became polished.

Welland Valley riders placed as follows:

  • Vet40s: Hans van Nierop 1st, Nick Turner-Henke 27th
  • Youth: James Vernon 5th
  • Under 23: Fraser Ayears 1st, Louis Jacobson 3rd, Ashley Easton 5th 
  • Vet50s:  Jake Jacobson 5th, Vic Barnett 22nd, Adrian Killworth 28th,
  • Ladies: Sarah Vigrow 6th, Amanda McPherson 12th

Round 4 of the FNSS was hosted by Velo Wheels at Stibbington Quarry

Summer weather arrived for round 4 and the twisty up and down technical course was dry as a bone, bumpy in places with poor grip in places on the dusty tracks.

Welland Valley riders placed as follows:

  • Vet40s: Rob Moore 2nd, Austin Smith 16th, Nik Kershaw 19th
  • Youth: Will Perkins 4th
  • Under 23: Fraser Ayears 3rd, Louis Jacobson 4th, Jake Hubbard 6th   
  • Vet50s:  Vic Barnett 8th, Adrian Killworth 14th 

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