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Whizz Kids Brampton Valley TT

Hi Whizz Kids, sorry for the delay in posting the results from yesterday’s TT, things to do and places to be last night and today but hopefully better late than never.
Anyway..We had a glorious afternoon for the latest round of the Whizz Kids Racing League supported by Alden Electrical which was the annual Time Trial up and down the Brampton Valley Way from the old Kelmarsh Station (1859-1960). Using the traditional course riders departed from the start house and straight into the drag up to the old track bed before heading north to the River Ise bridge before heading south uphill to the finish. I’d told the riders that the course was about a mile in length but I was corrected by one rider with a Garmin who told me that I was incorrect an that the course was in fact 0.98miles. So much for technology – I stand corrected!
Thanks today to Ben (Start Marshall) and Dean (River Ise) who made sure the riders got to me at the finish. Whizz Kids would like to thank Debbie and Andy from Northamptonshire County Council for allowing the event and for making sure we had a clear track to race on.
The riders may have been few in number but the results are here  BVW TT 2019results


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