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Whizz Kids at Leicester Cycle Circuit

After a week which has seen me dealing with a burning issue at home it was great to grab a few lungfuls of fresh air on Saturday afternoon for the latest Whizz Kids skills session. With the session being held on the wild windswept high plains of west Leicester there was plenty of fresh air and although the temperature was 9° the windchill of -10° made for a challenging afternoon. Our Whizz Kids worked in two groups with the older riders working with Simon and Ben on a series of drills which utilised the available conditions and worked on lead-outs, sheltering and sprints. The younger riders worked with Kev, Ian and Jade focusing on control, handling corners braking and pace control by riding together. Finishing off we used the 60m sprint line and recorded times before inviting the older riders to join in the sprints and in the 1km lap. There were some impressive times in both and we’ll use this to check progress when we return to the circuit. Special thanks today to parents who endured the biting wind while the riders were kept busy.
Thanks to Ian, Jade, Simon and Ben for coaching.

For reference the times recorded were as follows:
Jamie Kershaw –     60m= 8.93   1km= 2:12.1
Oliver Stanway –    60m= 10.59 1km= 3:09.6
Darcy Clarkson –    60m= 12.71 1km= 3:27.0
Hudson Hendry –   60m= 9.21   1km= 1:56.32
Dan Henderson –   60m= 9.35   1km= 2:05.21
Kye Watling –          60m=9.37    1km= 2:36.0
George Bailey –       60m= 13.19 1km=3:42.0
Nate Durin –            60m=12.50  1km=4:39.0
Noah Wilkinson –   60m=11.50  1km=3:01.25
Poppy Wilkinson – 60m=10.45   1km=2:40.83
Ella Baigent –           60m=11.19   1km=2:24.08

We’ll see you in a couple of weeks for the family ride at Pitsford


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