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Clubman of the Year: Michael Burke

This years Welland Valley CC Clubman of the year is Michael Burke.


Michael was awarded the trophy by last years recipient, Club Chairman, Jon Durnin.

Jon was honoured to present the award to Michael, the Welland Valley CC rider became the cycling clubs first Elite rider.

In September Michael wrote ..
“Very proud and happy to say that a 4th place today was enough to achieve getting enough points to obtain my Elite Licence. 6 years ago when I started cycling this was a dream and I never thought it was realistically possible however, anything is possible with a lot of hard work. I am also very proud to have done it as a club rider. Something only a very few people in the country manage. Thanks everybody who has supported me who knows who they are, and mainly to my wife Kathryn for having the patience to help and support me. Mum, Dad and the family. Jordan, Phil, Websters and most of all everybody at Welland Valley CC for everything I have learnt over the years”.

Dean Barnett



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