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Weekend racing action.

Michael Burke headed South in search of more road race points.
On Saturday the 1st category rider was in action racing in the Olympic Park. The specially designed cycle circuit is legacy from the 2012 games.
Hackney CC promoted the event, staged over 44km, covered in a blistering 1hour. Michael finished a strong 6th place.
The following day Michael was in South Winchester contesting another circuit race. The distance was very similar but the course was more technical as riders had to negotiate tight corners.
After 60 minutes of racing Michael was 8th in the VC Venta promotion.

Welland Valley CC members contested the latest Ratae RC 10 mile TT promotion on Saturday.
In hot conditions, 23 riders tested themselves against the watch.
Junior rider James Lowe was the fastest club member recording 23:53, followed by Matt Plews, Mitch James & David Bayliss.

Many thanks to Ratae RC for promoting the event.

Gilmorton 10 mile Time Trial – 11.00am Saturday 19th of May 2018

1. Matt Sinclair Lutterworth C.R.T. 21:13
2. Greg Brookes Team Jewson 22:42
3. Robert Orr Ratae Day Member 23:11
4. Ali Moult (W) Lutterworth C.R.T. 23:49 – Womens Course Record
5. John Powell Leicester Forest C.C. 23:52
6. James Lowe Welland Valley C.C. 23:53
7. Matt Plews Welland Valley C.C. 24:19
8. Colum Foster Ratae R.C. 24:26
9. Daniel Reidenbach Ratae R.C. 24:39
10. George Hoseason Ratae R.C. 24:46
11. Simon Askham Leicester Forest C.C. 25:11
12. Mitch James Welland Valley C.C. 27:13
13. Edward Baker Ratae Day Member 27:47
14. Grant Warwick Lutterworth C.R.T. 28:02
15. David Bayliss Welland Valley C.C. 28:31
16. Matt Finch Leicester Forest C.C. 29:12
17. Lindsay Newman (W) Team Jewson 30:27
18. Jim Smith Ratae R.C. 30:56
19. Nick Davis Ratae R.C. 31:36
20. Paul Eden Ratae R.C. 32:54
21. Ruthie Cloes (W) Ratae R.C. 33:51
22. Anna Davis Ratae R.C. 41:06
Jeff Jones Leicester Forest C.C. D.N.F.


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