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Cavalry charge, Burke 6th

Michael Burke raced his first back to back weekend. Following his 12th place at Darley Moor on Saturday Michael traveled to Lancashire to contest the Duncan Sparrow Road Race on the Pimbo Circuit today.
The Pimbo circuit is based on an industrial estate, the design of the course requires riders to sprint in and out of the corners to stay at the front of the race.
The 50 mile race got off to a tepid start until the final 20 miles and then the race exploded.
As riders disappeared down the road forming a strong break Michael mustered up a fantastic effort to join the break only them to caught by the pack.
Into the last 10 miles and the racing was intense as riders looked to get a result to back up their winter training miles.
Burke was in the thick of the action making sure he didn’t miss a beat, on the last lap he joined yet another break.
As the race entered the final mile they were caught and it was a mass cavalry charge to the line.
Undeterred Michael dug deep and sprinted aggressively in the drops to finish an impressive 6th place.
The winner was a jubilant Hamish Graham of Green Jersey.

Photo by Ellen Isherwood

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