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Road Racing

Welland Valley Cycling club is very active in promoting and participating in road racing.

With riders both male and female ranging from 12 years of age up to 70 plus.

We promote four annual open road races on the open road, and help to promote closed circuit races at Rockingham Speedway and Mallory Park.

We look forward to getting involved in both promoting, and competing at the new purpose built closed circuit facility at New College in Leicester.

Most road racers are affiliated to British Cycling, and we run several races under their rules and regulations.

We also cater for the master cyclists over the age of 40, through our involvement with the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC).

This organisation holds races most weekends throughout the country, levelling the playing field by separating the races into age categories (5 year age bands).
The rules at LVRC are far less stringent than British Cycling, but the racing is equally, if not more, competitive.

We are part of the Northants Cycle Racing Association (NCRA), which organises races throughout the year for all lower categories, which is a fantastic starting point for those new to road racing.

On a club level, we host ‘come and try it’ massed start events for club members to experience racing in a group on a safe closed road environment (currently at Rockingham Speedway in August/September).

Group training through the summer months is held on the notorious Welland Valley CC chain gang circuit, held every Thursday evening at Church Langton. Check out our event listings for more details of what’s on and when.

We are very proud of our reputation of promoting first class, professionally enhanced road races every year.

We are equally proud of our club members who gain successes in their racing exploits.

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