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Youth Development Programme update and call for applications

Last year WVCC trialed a youth development programme for the 2020 season, following work led by Rowland Summerlin to better understand why young riders often step away from cycling and the Club and whether there are steps the Club can take to better support and mentor riders as they progress from Whizz Kids.

The Club has established a relationship with the Bryan Steel Youth Academy, and provides 50% of the funding required to join the Academy.   

Two riders were supported in 2020, and due to the impact of COVID19 these riders have not had all of the opportunities to compete.  The Committee has offered to extend this support for 2021 to allow them to continue their journey, with one continuing, and the other focussing on British Cycling regional and national cross and MTB programmes.

The Club is inviting applications to support up to two more riders in 2021.  These applications are to support riders in working with the Bryan Steel Youth Academy, but  the club is also receptive to  reasonable alternatives.  

To apply, riders need to:

  • Submit their cycling CV; with
  • Either a covering letter or a short vlog demonstrating their commitment and setting out why they should be supported, and;
  • A supporting letter from a parent or guardian

To benefit from this support, riders should be juveniles or juniors as defined by the WVCC Club Calendar.

The deadline for applications is 18th December 2020, and applications should be sent to Club Secretary Stuart Dawkins by email (

Riders selected will receive external support starting in January 2021.

The Committee recognises that riders may naturally progress to join bespoke racing teams. It is not the Club’s intention to go down this route, but to ensure talented riders progress with WVCC as far as it makes sense for them to do, and so are not lost to the sport along the way.

For more information please contact Jon Durnin in the first instance.

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