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Bruntingthorpe Team Race Night II – Results and Report

As Tess (the one from Strictly, rather than of d’Urbervilles fame) used to say – “the results are in.”

Round two of the Team Race Nights at Bruntingthorpe saw 40+ riders battle it out in tough windy conditions.

As an experiment, it was decided to set off Race 1 and Race 2 at the same time to create a larger peloton for at least a few laps. All competitors in Race 1 and 2 are invited to comment on this initiative.  As ideas go, was it good, bad or ugly?  Please send any feedback to Chris Dainty (

Anyway, back to the action on the night.

Race 1 resulted in victory for Hans Van Nierop’s Team Blue (Hans, Carl Dyson, Rhys Thomas, Ellie Humphries, Rob Pullen, Neil Doherty and Austin Smith) by 87-70 over Phil Rayner’s Team Orange (scores adjusted to even up rider numbers).

Fresh from his victory at the Duncan Murray Road Race, Ed Grandidge was the individual winner; with Carl Dyson second and Hans in third.

Sprint winners were Ed and Carl; with Hans and Neil Doherty taking second spots.

Three teams contested Race 2. Victory went to Stuart Haycox’s Team Green ( Stuart, Steve Coulam, Huw Wilson, Andy Dean and Patrick Stone) with 84pts; ahead of Stuart Dawkins’ Team Red and Dave Wilson’s Team Purple – both on 77pts.

Individual winner was Patrick Stone; with Andy Dean second and a battling Jamie Kershaw third.

Sprints were taken by Patrick Stone and Kev Willet; with Jamie Kershaw and Ashley Easton scoring for their teams with second places.

Race 3 saw Dennis Smith lead Team Yellow (Dennis, Steve Latham, Judith Rout, Amanda McPherson and John Abbott) to a 109-91 pts win over Charlie Simpson’s Team Red.

Mike Sirett won the individual race ahead of Dennis Smith and Charlie Simpson.

Sprint winners were Mike Sirett and John Abbott, ahead of Steve Latham and Dennis Smith.

Thanks to all the volunteers for making it happen – commissaire Andrew Weatherby, George Barnett, Andy Poulton, Sean Bown and John Welsford, and our partners Cox Automotive.

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