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Whizz Kids Ride report

Good Afternoon Whizz Kids, just a quick report on today’s activity, the family ride up and back the Brampton Valley Way. Despite a downpour at 1:55pm we had a healthy number of Whizz Kids out for today’s run and after the shower the rest of the ride remained dry. Quite simply we had a brilliant ride out, cleared a few cobwebs out after Christmas and rode a few miles up to the summit seat (for the quickest riders) and back. We did get a bit muddy and I’ll apologise now for the additional washing that we have generated.
Thanks today to Ian and Simon for guiding the riders and in terms of awards Simon took the dirtiest rider award while most sensible was Andrew, the proper use of mudguards clearly visible as he arrived back spotless, unlike son George who was anything but.
We’re up and running for 2022 with plenty more events lined up. See you soon
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