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Whizz Kids Saturday Report

Good Morning Whizz Kids, although Autumn has officially started you wouldn’t have known as yesterdays session was hot and sunny and basically a very nice way to spend an afternoon down on the park tying together some of the skills that you are all improving on over the summer.  We had two zones set out, the classic skills circle we’ve used for many years was the warm-up and practice zone and the longer more technical course down the edge of the park which introduced the classic elements together with the log rolls,  ride the line boards and the two ramps back to back to finish off.  We had 32 riders signed up for the day ranging in age and ability from new riders on balance bikes to seasoned and experienced Whizz Kids, and everyone seemed to be getting quicker during the afternoon.

Thanks go to Ben, Ian & Jade and Jon for helping out and getting the best out of the riders on the day.  Thanks to all the parents for your continued support for our riders.  Photographer Wayne was around taking some images yesterday, these can be found at

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and if you can’t get petrol, ride your bike instead  We’ll see you in a couple of weeks!




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