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Update on the all important points for Bruntingthorpe Team Race Nights.

With three Bruntingthorpe Team Race Nights completed; it’s time for an update on the team and individual scores ahead of the final showdown a week on Tuesday.

Starting with Race 2 – where there’s still everything play for – the Blue I team (captained so far by Stuart Dawkins, Dave Reay and Huw Wilson) is out in front by the narrowest of margins on 504pts. Hot on their heels is the Green I team (captained Doug Tincello, Nick Clarke and Simon Ward) on 495pts: followed by Red II (Ian Waterfield, Rhys Thomas and Dave Wilson) on 448pts and Orange I (Mark Chapman, Adrian Killworth and Jon Durnin) on 415pts. Individual points leaders in Race 2: Andy Deeks 112, Dave Reay 112, Eleanor Humphries 110, Rhys Thomas 100, Huw Wilson 98. In Race 1* – the Purple 1 team (captained by Ed Grandidge, Hans van Nierop and Austin Smith) is out front on 393pts; with Yellow I (Phil Rayner, Chris Orfeur and Josh van Nierop) on 339pts and Red I (James Moore, Rob Moore) on 299pts. Individual points leaders in Race 1: Ed Grandidge (2nd claim) 163, Josh van Nierop 143, Hans van Nierop 114, Chris Orfeur 95, James Moore 85.

Meanwhile, in Race 3, the fat lady is clearing her throat and getting ready to sing as the Yellow II team (captained by Charlie Simpson, Milly Pinnock and Ben Brant) is well ahead on 587pts from the Blue II team (Stuart Haycox, John Welsford, Ray Taylor on 463pts. Individual points: Charlie Simpson 120, Gary Ashwell 96, Dennis Smith 80, Ray Taylor 77, John Welsford 74.

*Please not the Race 1 score will need further finessing as the number of teams expanded from two to three after the first race.  


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