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Wishing Doug Tincello a speedy recovery…

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to WVCC member Doug Tincello, who had a nasty accident recently.

Doug describes what happened in his own words, and has some reflections to share.

“Some of you may have heard that I was recently involved in a road collision. Last weekend I took myself to Sussex for two days of riding and dipping my toes in the sea. I had planned a couple of routes on Strava and set off early on Friday morning to do an 80 km route. I hadn’t planned to be accompanied by storm Evert, But fortunately she was just blowing a little and the weather was mostly dry.

So I set off and was having a lovely day in the saddle which unfortunately was rudely interrupted by a brief encounter with a beer lorry on a blind narrow bend somewhere in real Sussex. The result of this assignation was an open fracture of my left arm, a broken rib, various cuts and bruises, a broken helmet and ruined bicycle.

Now after a week, I am back at home and doing reasonably well. The doctors are pleased with the plate on my bone and my progress, And my broken rib doesn’t hurt too much any longer. Unfortunately I have been banned from the bicycle for at least the next eight weeks which is hugely disappointing as I will miss the rest of the Bruntingthorpe season and the various club runs. I’ve been touched by the good wishes of the club members and many offers of help so thank you all.

While recovering from surgery I have considered my accident and two things are worth sharing with you all. Firstly, I’m absolutely convinced that my helmet saved my life and I’m sure I don’t need to say this but I would encourage you all to always wear a helmet no matter how short your trip or how quiet the roads.  Please encourage your children to do the same.

Secondly, at the time I was sure I had reduced my speed to a safe level for dealing with any oncoming traffic before the bend, but I have reflected that we are probably all guilty of overestimating the braking performance of our bicycles, particularly in wet and greasy conditions, and we probably should all be slowing down much more on narrow and unsighted roads.

I look forward to seeing you all again back on the bike in due course!”

Take care Doug and heal up quick.  We look forward to return of the ‘Chain Gang terrier’ telling us to close the gap and not to surge.


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