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Many thanks to this week’s guest reporter, club treasurer, membership secretary & vice chairman; John Welsford.

The view from the back of the TT peloton.

Tuesday evening was my 3rd go at the Naseby 10 in 5 weeks.  And turned out to be my worst.
The event started great for me with 3 DNS and a reduced field of 30.  When you watch the club competitions like a hawk from the back of the field a low turnout is a bonus.  30th out of 30 gets you more points than 35th out of 50.
Unfortunately, that was the high spot of the evening. The weather turned out rather better than anticipated. It was dry and not particularly cold.  However there as a nagging westerly that I knew spelt trouble.  On this course I always struggle with the 2 ramps leading to Sibbertoft but into a headwind down the airfield straight I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life there.  The helpful conditions on the climb from Welford to Naseby couldn’t compensate and I finished with a personal worst.  Everybody else seemed to do ok which didn’t help.

I’ve never been much of a cyclist but enjoy long rides and the fact that I can therefore eat and drink more than I should.  Was in France for 10 weeks in 2003 aged 50 and on a free Sunday decided to tackle Ventoux (from the wrong side- Malaucene not Bedoin – what did I know) on my Dawes Galaxy.  Took all day.  On return I bought my first road bike and joined WVCC a few years later.  Not until I was called upon to marshal did I get involved.  My co marshal on the McDonalds roundabout (one Claire Waterfield) suggested I should give it a go.  What me?

But, anyway, I did and have enjoyed it ever since.  Even managed to get my name on the Timson and Hunter cups a few years ago.  There is hope for us all.

In addition, I like looking after the club’s money as treasurer, keeping an eye on the members as membership secretary and helping with time-keeping in my role as first assistant reserve timekeeper ie helping George with the calculations when it is 30 second intervals.

Tim Smith 23:14
Hans Van Nierop 23:57
Dom Switzer 24:14

Linda Hubbard 29:25

Michael Burke 24:31

Dom Switzer 24:14

As always thanks to our marshals, officials and other helpers. We have relaunched the concept of lead Marshals this year. This is an experienced marshal/rider who conducts a course inspection, on-the-day Risk Assessment and ‘Marshals the Marshals’ to ensure that they have everything they need conduct their role and keep riders safe. Thanks Matt Plews and Nik Kershaw who have performed this role so far and to the other that will step up throughout the season


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