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Whizz Kids trailquest report

Good evening Whizz Kids, we had a few riders bail out of today’s session, literally after this mornngs rain, but those who braved the elements were rewarded by a pleasant session almost rain free. Today was the family trailquest with 16 checkpoints dotted around the Misterton estate and each rider or team had 40 minutes to locate each one and punch their brevit card to confirm that they had found it. The first team back managed to check each one and return in 33½ minutes, most got back inside the 40 but we had to wait for team Durnin who went off chasing a couple of 40 pointer checks they had missed.
Special thanks today to Mrs Craven for the generous use of the grounds this afternoon. Thanks to Ben, Simon and Ian for guiding our riders and to everyone who took part or supported the riders.
Not sure if anyone noticed but the maps and brevit cards were prepared for a previous trailquest so based on the gap between the previous one and this one I’ve already planned the next family trailquest for April 22nd, 2028 thus continuing the seven year cycle.
See you soon!


Whizz Kids

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