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Langton’s 10 CC R3 27/04

A stellar field of 55 riders entered last night’s event which formed round 3 of our very own 2021 Club Championship. Members were joined by a number of very welcome guests and competitors from other clubs on what was a rather cool evening.

Guest reporter for this event is the highly competitive Jill Postlethwaite, thanks for your words Jill:

“I set myself a target of riding a few club (and open) time trials this year; I decided at the beginning of ‘lockdown 1’ back in March 2020 that I would put the extra 4 and a half hours a day (I gained through not commuting into London) to good use and would start a structured training regime, also the extra time would be beneficial for rest and recovery. I was determined not to spend money on any aero kit and would use my trusty (almost 20 years old) road bike. While not over the moon with my efforts so far I was quite pleased to see my time for the Langton’s 10 last night was quite a bit quicker than the first week, although this was a short lived jubilation when I saw how much quicker everyone else had ridden! While riding out to the event last night I did encounter a few snowflakes, I wasn’t delusional, this did actually happen. This didn’t bode well for the TT, but the first event was ridden in cold conditions so I presumed the times would be comparable, the Tuesday in between the two events was obviously mocking us as it was a ‘float’ night – I proved this by riding a TT effort around the course and riding significantly quicker than either ride before or after.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been a member of WVCC since around 1994 when Paul and I moved to Market Harborough. I began my cycling adventures in my teenage years; first with the CTT then I joined Audax UK (Paul & I are both members of Audax), I used to ride long distance events all over the UK and did ride a 600km event once-that is never to be repeated though. I also won the Grimpeur championship one year-that must have been in the mid 1980’s, I love riding hills and mountains and seem to be quite good at it.

I was encouraged to try time trialling and joined my local club (at the time) Icknield Road Club, this is where I met Paul. My first time trial event was the National 100 mile Championship simply because it was being held in Lincolnshire, my home County. I was first off in this event and must have been almost last to finish, I haven’t ridden a 100 since. I then decided to try shorter events and over the years had top 10 places in the National 10, 25, 50 and the National Hill Climb. I had a break from cycling for a few years and began running with Harborough Athletic Club, I ran for the Midland and County at T&F, Cross Country and Road events. Injury prevented me carrying on with running so I returned to cycling, WVCC had a strong, passionate, women’s team which we capitalised on entering the National Series Road Races; we promoted one event alongside the Duncan Murray Wines RR, which still continues. I held a 2nd Cat Road Racing Licence for a couple of seasons, it was at the time women’s cycling was becoming popular, there were a lot of riders in these events who went onto become superstars of the sport, it was very exciting.

Following on from my reinvigorated love for racing this year I saw the advert for the Leicester Road Club Hilly road bikes only event and decided this was going to be my aim because I didn’t think many people would enter, that was until I received the start sheet! 170 riders with a very strong women’s field of 20 riders, I’m first off in this event too but hopefully won’t be last to finish, although I may be last woman to finish. I rode a reconnaissance ride last Sunday, with the route plotted into my Wahoo off I set and joined the route halfway around. All was fine until I descended into Twyford and crossed the finish, thinking my Wahoo would pick up the start of the course at the other side of Twyford. Unfortunately the route didn’t appear so I carried on up the main road to Tilton on the Hill, unbeknown to me I should’ve turned right off the main road and ridden through a number of villages before arriving at Tilton. By all accounts this is probably the hardest climb of the route with a couple of cattle grids to traverse, so while I had a lovely ride around the hills of Leicestershire and Rutland I missed a critical section of the route, this, I have to say, is quite a usual feature of my navigational skills!

1) Tim Smith 23:31
2) Gary Roberts 24:00
3) Hans Van Nierop 24:34

1) Linda Hubbard 27:30

1) Jason ‘Wilf’ Williams 25:52

1) Dominic Switzer 25:06

Thanks again to all our Marshals and other helpers also to all competitors for their compliance to RB rules and rear light regulations. Next event 11/05 Naseby 7pm.

Thanks to Dave Wilson for the picture.

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