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Chain Gang report

Two groups of riders set out from  Church Langton on a sunny Thursday evening for the first Welland Valley Chain gang of the year (with social distancing pre and post ride).

The ride was two laps of the Welham/Ashley/Medbourne/Cranoe circuit, and the two groups flew round at over 24mph and over 22 mph respectively.  Not everyone finished together, as is normal on this type of ride, but everyone was smiling at the finish.

The chain gang will hopefully run every Thursday evening through the summer and the club will add more groups at different speeds if there is interest . It is a fun way to get some fairly intense training in and to improve group riding skills. Let Rob Moore, Nick Clarke or Phil Rayner know if you would like to be added to the Chain Gang WhatsApp group where rides are coordinated.

Thanks to Nick for the report, and Neil Doherty for the picture.

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