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Welland Valley CC Spring Gravel Ride

Thirteen Welland Valley members and friends set out on the 100km gravel ride this morning. The day dawned frosty but sunny and although it continued chilly, the riders experienced the Leicestershire and Rutland countryside at its beautiful best in the spring sunshine. The recent dry weather meant that the bridleways had dried out nicely, if a little bumpy from hoof prints, and the preferred route could be used. They set off on a mixtures of cyclocross, gravel and mountain bikes first north and then west on some great trails across the hills to Rutland Water to do a full circumnavigation of the reservoir before returning south east over some more hills including a stunning bridleway on the ridge line above Eyebrook Reservoir and a great off-road climb out of Stockerston.

Our next epic of-roader will be the 100 mile ride on Saturday, 5 June.

Our Friday night off-road rides continue next week.



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