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Hot Langtons!

Thirty four riders competed in the evening 10 this evening, with 33 finishing due to Nik Kershaw suffering a puncture..

The riders faced relatively low wind conditions but the high temperatures made the going tough.

Gary Roberts stormed around the course recording a time of 23:46, ahead of Jamie Hoxley in 2nd with 24:33 on a road bike. Phil Rayner took third with 25:09.

Linda Hubbard was the fastest lady rider with a time of 28:34, ahead of Jen Clegg 29:29 and Lianne Edwards 32:54.

Huw Wilson was the fastest of the junior riders flying round to a time of 30:17 ahead of Ben Brant and Will Perkins who tied on 31:08.

Huge thanks as always to the timekeepers, course setters, marshals and a very assured Matt Plews as race organiser.

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