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Start sheet Langton 10. 6:30pm 28/07

– Ensure you have made payment (£5) by direct banking 30-95-96 17673460REMEMBER: We are using a number for the season so the number on your back is unlikely to be your starting position/time. Last rider will be off at 6:52pm.This weeks ‘TOP TIP’. Think of the number on your back as your numerical name not your starting position.- Ride not Socialize
– No entry on the day
– Static warmups permitted for this event
– No items to be left with timekeeper
– Bring own pen, Number for Season (NfS) & rear light
– 3 riders max at start line
– Marshals direct to post
– Results published online
– Sign on from 5:45pm
– Meet Church Langton Community Hall
– The start has moved forward, opposite Langton Brewery
– Shout your number when you finish
– Race hard!


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