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Cycling picture of the day!

We have had lots of fun with ‘Cycling question of the day over the past few weeks’….so next up is next up is Cycling picture of the day!

The concept is simple, send in a favourite cycling picture of you or of clubmates, at races/rides/adventure , and add a description of why it’s special to, and we will post one per day.

To start us off, its Club Chairman Jon Durnin……..


“This is a picture from the 2017 Hinckley CRC Charity 4up 25 mile TT on the Wolvey K41/25 course, with Matt Plews, Josh and Hans Van Nierop, from May 2017.

We had a scrappy test run on the Langtons TT course earlier that week, but on race day we flew, kept together (unlike some other teams), each of us playing to our strengths, finishing the fastest club team in 57:02, 6th overall.

I love the picture as we are all in sync, working as a team, and looking the absolute business in our Club Kit.”

 Photo taken by Paul Smart

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