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NCRA Race Report

Firstly a massive thank you to all the helpers and marshals, who enabled today’s NCRA road race at Southwick run as smoothly as possible.

Without you these events and races cannot take place, so your support is always gratefully received.

As always on the Southwick circuit the hill soon played its part and thinned the groups.

As the selected field came together they were still in pursuit of the lone leader who had stayed away solo from the start.

As the last lap came and the chasers had the solo leader in sight, 25 seconds up the road, they looked at each other for inspiration and the solo rider claimed a well deserved win.

1st Tony Daplyn
2nd Carl Dyson – Leicester Forest
3rd Bryn Richards -Brother U.K Cycle Team On Team
4th Tom Scott Collins- Velo Elite
5th Malcolm Smith- Peterborough cc
6th Kieran Buffham-Spalding cc
7th Ryan Gray- Strada 2020
8th Edd Clayson-Velo Elite
9th Tim Smith- Welland Valley cc
10th Thomas Stegeman-Fenland Clarion

Once again, many thanks for all the support from club members and volunteers.

Rob Moore

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