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Whizz Kids beat Ciara

I was reminded as soon as I got home yesterday that we were going out, so that’s why the Whizz Kids report from yesterday has been was delayed.
On the eve of Storm Ciara twenty one Whizz Kids turned out on a sunny winter afternoon for our latest skills session at Welland Park. Building on the session from a fortnight ago we worked as a single group on the tarmac paths around the cafe and focused on freewheeling which was a bit of a learning opportunity for some riders last time. We also looked at riding the line on the blue planks and some time on stopping safely. While moving riders also learned about safe downhill braking and how to encounter natural moving obstacles (aka the other park users) which built up for a full hours session. At the end of the session all riders could freewheel with feet on the pedals, All riders rode the line and all riders managed to slow down and stop in a stop box. Good work guys!
Thanks today to Ian, Jade, Dean, Simon and Ben for coaching the riders around the park and special thanks to Dan for leading the riders around the park and setting a good steady pace.
The weather is horrible today so I’ll be working on some admin including getting some more dates in the diary. Right, better get on, we’ll see you next time!


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