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Get well wishes.

Get well wishes to our President Dave Birch, who came off his bike yesterday – not a bad crash, more a topple over, but landed on something hard and has broken his hip.  He is in Kettering and should be going down for surgery any time now.  He is having a plate fixed to his left hip and should be out in a few days. 

If anyone would like to get in touch, there is no wifi but we have his telephone number, if you would like it, please ask.

Earlier this week whilst Luke Jones was at his track development training, he was on roller warmup to start and someone got off their rollers and pushed their chair into Luke’s taking him over the top of his handlebars.

Next up was a crash on the boards, followed by 16 hours in A&E, some laughing gas to remove the splinter embedded in his back and to scrub the burns clean, a chest X-ray and a CT scan. Rest and recouperation required!

Get well soon to you both, hopefully you’ll be back on your bikes soon.


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