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Whizz Kids Go Indoors

Good evening Whizz Kids, apologies for the delay in publishing the report for yesterdays session, just a bit of places to go, people to see and things to go straight after the session yesterday on my part. That said we held our traditional end of season scooter party and the presentation of the medals and trophies for this years Whizz Kids racing league supported by Alden Electrical. The first part of the session was a series of team races on scooters and as with the bikes outdoors there was some cracking skills on show. The only issue with the races was that I appear to have mislaid the results so this means that this will be recorded as a 4-way tie between Ben’s Bashers, Simon’s Santa Smashers, Jades Reindeer Racers and Dean’s Clean Marvels.

With the racing out of the way we turned to the presentation and most of the trophies were handed out on the day but if you missed the presentation we still have your medals and trophies and these will be presented yo you at your next Whizz Kids session. This should be of particular interest to
Nate Durnin
Mea Moore
Jack Sault
Rafi Osborn
Ella Baigent
Issac Turner
Thanks today and for the year to Coaches and volunteers Ben, Dean, Ian, Jade Simon, Mia and all the riders and parents who continue to be part of Whizz Kids. Thanks too to Team Collins for the gifts of the bike cleaning kits to the coaches which will be really useful, especially given the following….

21 December: We have a family ride on the calendar next Saturday from Welland Park Cafe. This will be either down the canal or on the paths to Lubenham/Farndon depending on the weather. As a couple of Family ride in 2019 have had a “low turnout” attendances could you respond in the comments of the Facebook pages or by Email to if you are intending to join us on the ride.

11th January 2020: Clear the cobwebs out and if you’ve been lucky to get a new bike from Santa you have a chance for a shake down ride up the Brampton Valley Way.

Keep an eye on the Facebook Pages and website for full details and we’l see you soon!

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