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CX Round Up 27/10/19

Leicestershire Cyclocross League – Round 3

Round 3 of the Leicestershire League was hosted by WVCC in the beautiful surroundings of Misterston Hall.

The course was a mixture of sodden grassland, gravel woodland tracks and soggy leaf mulch in the woods with a fast tarmac path. With heavy rain in the run up it was set to be a tough challenging course, with a bit of everything to challenge the riders. Fortunately the day dawned bright and sunny and the course held up remarkably well, even starting to dry out in the later races.

The Welland Valley results are shown below:

  • U9s: Jacob Smith 2nd
  • U12s: Jamie Kershaw 8th boy, Andrew Deathridge 11th boy, Dan Holton 14th boy
  • U14s: Hannah Henderson 1st girl, Brooke Traynor 2nd girl, Luke Jones 1st boy
  • U16s: Jessica Ayears 2nd girl, Dom Switzer 3rd boy, Jim Vernon 4th boy, Kian Traynor 5th boy, Huw Wilson 11th boy, Dan Henderson 16th boy, Joel Ayears 18th boy
  • Junior Women: Eleanor Partridge 4th
  • Vet40 women:  Nikki Traynor 4th
  • Vet50 women: Sarah Vigrow 2nd
  • Junior Men: William Perkins 4th, Ben Brant 6th
  • U23 men: Josh Van Nierop 3rd
  • Senior men: Mark Fiddy 12th
  • Vet40 men: Hans Van Nierop 9th, Simon Dixey 18th, Austin Smith 21st, Nick Horder 29th, Nick Kershaw 37th, Hamish Low 38th, Steve Coulam 43rd, Tim Smith DNF after 2 laps with a puncture
  • Vet50 men:  Jake Jacobson 8th, Adrian Killworth 27th, Marc Henderson 33rd, Kevin Mills 35th, Julian Bradbury DNF after 3 laps
  • Vet70 men: Vic Barnett 2nd

For full results see

See the LCXL Facebook page for some great photos of the action

Thanks to Mrs Craven for the use of the Misterton Hall grounds, Dean Barnett for organising and everyone who helped and contributed to make this a successful event.

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